Melanie Elaine Photography


"I do not have a face to see or put inside a frame. I do not have soft cheeks to kiss, I don't yet have a name. You can't yet hold my tiny hands nor whisper in my ear. It's still too soon to sing a song or cuddle me so near. But all will change when Mommy says I'm due, I cannot wait for family-- I cannot wait to meet you. All I ask between now and then is prayers while I grow. I promise I'll be worth the wait because of all the love I'll know."

Maternity sessions are among my most favorite. Motherhood is a such a beautiful thing to celebrate. Connecting with mothers (and families) during this exciting time reminds me of the incredible world we live in, and how 9 short months can change everything. Whether you are a new mother, terrified and humbled- or a veteran mom with a clan of her own, inquire today.